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Marina Battistella

Her work is well known internationally as her art has been on display in exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.


Among the most recent exhibitions were Austria, Croatia, United Arab Emirates, Slovenia and Turkey.


Artwork by Marina is on display in influential European galleries.


Marina Battistella - Abbraccio - cm 180 x 40
Marina Battistella


Decorate your home with art created exclusively for you.

Do not hesitate to inquire. Write to Marina Battistella: 

Marina Battistella - Abbraccio - cm 180 x 40

The artistic experience in itself does not suffice to saturate her need for creativity. 

Marina Battistella enjoys the challenge of rendering art, which is in harmony with existing living spaces.

The art of

Marina Battistella 

adds a classy touch to the contemporary home, but can also serve as contrast to a classic theme. 

The creations of Marina Battistella are the result of a long journey, which started in figurative art and which

has been constantly updated and transformed into her present-day informal art.

Her free and unconventional personality is reflected in her choices to abandon the traditional form of classic art.

The artwork is no longer limited to the square or rectangular form of a canvas, since the artist is

using material which allows any kind of form with no limitations what so ever. 

Marina Battistella has set out on a personal conquest of form and space in her art, similar to wall sculpture.

She distinguishes herself by the singular characteristic technique, and in the variety of materials used, which give her works a strong 3D effect and constitutes a balanced blending of space and matter.

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